VNSG Executive Council Diner 2014 - page 4

VNSG Executive Council Dinner
Bernard Kenny from SAP held a presentation
about how to drive business innovation
through IT. A McKinsey study from 2013
indicates that 60% of CEOs expect that a vast
portion of their future earnings will come from
technology-enabled business innovations. In
order to remain competitive companies simply
must innovate, and even if you do not like it
IT will be an inevitable driver for that. A prime
consideration in this context is how to deal
with disruptive or sustaining innovation. ‘The
Innovator’s Dilemma’ by Clayton Christensen
is a famous book about this topic. He explains
that ultimately most sustaining innovation
will be overtaken by disrupting innovation,
which means for businesses that keep doing
(and innovating?) the right thing can end up
in doing the wrong thing. However, such an
‘illogical’ move is hard to prepare and can go
against basic instincts.
Innovation Adoption
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