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VNSG Executive Council Dinner
As adoption is a diffusion process with
stages, SAP provides approaches, tools
and services to support this. Examples
are discovery tools, the design thinking
approach to generate unexpected answers,
value engineering, smooth transformations
and enhancements, and rapid deployment
solutions. When innovating, the classic pitfalls
are the business’ attention to also invest in
both organisation and governance in order
to make innovation productive and to align
with business goals and value. For many IT
departments it can be difficult get a role – let
alone to be regarded as a full partner – in the
business innovation process rather than that
of an IT service provider.
Comments from the audience:
• Disruptive innovation is by definition
quite unpredictable in its effects, which
means that the traditional business
case approach can be an obstacle
rather than a stimulus when trying to
get funding for innovation initiatives.
• It could be helpful for innovation
adoption if SAP would make it easier
to provide licenses for PoC purposes
instead of directly charging in the
phase already.
• SAP applications can be the barrier for
innovation. Even when the software has
just been released, the functionality can
be outdated and does not match with
the business requirements. As a result,
customers start building their
own applications.
• SAP struggles with integration between
existing SAP and acquired solutions
and technology. See for example SAP
and Hybris who do not integrate yet.
SAP should understand and embrace
the ‘customer journey’ much better.
Bernard Kenny - SAP
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