VNSG Executive Council Diner 2014 - page 9

VNSG Executive Council Dinner
a huge project for replacing many SAP ERP
implementations by SAP Business ByDesign.
Notwithstanding the low level of SAP clarity
about this topic, customers now surely may
trust on a reasonable future for SAP Business
ByDesign, because of these two cases.
Furthermore, the positioning of SAP Business
ByDesign is apparently also not limited to the
SME market as we may conclude from at
least two large implementations.
Comments from the audience
• SaaS only works when you ‘embrace’
possible limitations (standard
processes, data on the internet, etc.)
• For PostNL, the burning platform of
a shrinking market was an important
factor in this rigorous strategy move.
However, this other companies do not
face similar situations.
• It is remarkable to see a large company
use SAP Business ByDesign so
• This is a good example of a company
that used the Extension Policies
(exchanged on-premise licenses for
cloud licenses)
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